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Quick Dry Beach Towels

Old style beach towels had to be bulky and heavy to absorb a loDon't forget the following information: Quick Dry Beach TowelsIn contrast to traditional beach towels that are bulky and heavy, our quick dry beach towels offer the same water absorption quality in a lightweight design. They come with a convenient small carry bag and utilize microfiber technology for rapid drying and moisture wicking. In addition, they are designed to be sand-free, easily allowing sand to be shaken off. This "Good Vibes Only" beach towel is perfect for drying off without any gritty sand residue. Pack Your Towel for VacationThe included carry bag makes it easy to pack the "Good Vibes Only" quick dry beach towel for beach trips or vacations. The towel's large size of 63" x 31" allows for ample coverage and comfort when lounging on the beach.Shop Katydid for More Beach AccessoriesDiscover more beach accessories such as sun hats, swim cover-ups, tote bags, and drink tumblers at Katydid.Washing InstructionsMachine wash your microfiber quick dry towel with detergent in cold or warm water. Tumble dry on low heat or no heat for best results.t of water. Our quick dry beach towels have the same great quality for absorbing water, but they’re super lightweight and can be packed into the conveniently small carry bag that comes with it. They use microfiber technology to wick away moisture for ultra-fast drying and water evaporation. Traditional towels cling to sand when wet, but this “Good Vibes Only” beach towel is sand-free. Just give it a shake and watch the sand easily fall away so you can dry yourself without grit in your beach towel.


Pack Your Towel for Vacay

The additional carry bag for your “Good Vibes Only” quick dry beach towel makes it easy to save space and pack light when taking a day trip to the beach or when going on vacation. Carry bags also make this towel a perfect package for giving as a gift to your beach buds or family members. Each towel measures a large 63” x 31” so you can wrap yourself in soft comfort or lie out on the beach without getting all sandy.

Shop Katydid for more great beach accessories like sun hats, swim cover-ups, tote bags, and drink tumblers.


Wash Instructions

Wash your microfiber quick dry towel in the washing machine with detergent only in cold or warm water, not hot. Tumble dry on low heat or no heat.

copy of Quick Dry Sand Free Beach Towel with Travel Bag

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